Security Startup Malwarebytes Raises Another $50M

This is what I call a round of financing: Malwarebytes has raised USD 50 million from Fidelity Management and Research Company for financing international growth. A big step for a company starting as a students´security project. And proof, there is still some space for security software products.

Full story: Security Startup Malwarebytes Raises Another $50M From Fidelity | TechCrunch

CCP raises $30 million to support VR efforts

CCP is one of the leading developers for VR games and Gunjack will launch on Samsung´s Gear VR platform later this month. EVE: Valkyrie is expected to launch with the Oculus Rift and Playstation VR in early 2016. The cash injection should help them to keep the leading position.

Full story: CCP raises $30 million to support VR efforts

Who Gets Rich From Google Buying Nest?

First of all, a real cash-acquisition of this size is quite a surprise (beside the sheer amount of it). – But which investors really pulled in the most? – It seems like Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers and Shasta Ventures are the biggest winners of the deal: KPCB is reported to get a 20X return on an invested of USD 20 million and Shasta Ventures to collect around USD 200 million with the hardware deal.

Full story: Who Gets Rich From Google Buying Nest? Kleiner Returns 20X On $20M, Shasta Nets ~$200M | TechCrunch.