Angry Birds-Maker Rovio Has A Slower Year With Revenues Flat

Rovio has slowed down growth with revenues rising from USD 210 million (2012) to USD 216 million (2013). Net profits fell dramatically to USD 37 million, as the company´s headcount has increased to a total of 800 by the end of 2013. — In 2012, it was 500 employees.

Full story: Angry Birds-Maker Rovio Has A Slower Year With Revenues Flat, Profits Down By About Half | TechCrunch.

Angry Birds Star Wars II

The popular game, launching September 19, will be exploring new ways of merchandising: Hasbro will have 30 different “telepods”, which are the physical fruitions of different characters. Users will then be able to scan those into the game using their phone´s or tablet´s camera. Additional merchandise will include toys, apparel, books and plush toys.

Angry Birds Star Wars I has hit over 100 million downloads so far.

Angry Birds Maker Rovio Says 2012 Sales Up 101%

Rovio has reported its FY 2012-figures: Revenues up by 101% to EUR 152,2 million, with net profit now at EUR 55,5 million. The company has now reached a total of 1,7 billion game downloads and 263 million active users.

Interesting: 45% of Rovio´s revenues now come from merchandising.

Full story: Angry Birds Maker Rovio Says 2012 Sales Up 101% To $195M With Merchandising, IP 45% Of That; Net Profit $71M | TechCrunch.

Angry Birds was initially seen as “boring”

“The characters are not interesting, sound design is boring, everything is average,”. Those were the first reactions on the game. And Rovio did a step by step approach country by country.

Nowadays, Rovio is nearly more into IP, merchandising and franchise than into game development.

Full story: Angry Birds was initially seen as “boring” | GamesIndustry International.