Tencent sees 58% rise in profits YoY

The Chinese gaming giant is now the fourth-largest internet company in the world (!) with a reported USD 3,2 billion quarterly revenue and USD 957 million quarterly profit (!!). Tencent also holds 40 per cent share of Epic Games and acquired Riot Games  (“League of Legends”) in 2011.

Full story: Tencent sees 58% rise in profits YoY | GamesIndustry.biz.

Spotted on Weibo: Killing Time on China’s Massively Overcrowded Roads

It´s “Golden Week” in China – and the government suspended road tolls. Which means, 740 million people are on the move during this holiday – about 85 million of them by car. After seeing this pictures, you might never complain about traffic ever again….

(source: Tea Leaf Nation)

Link: Spotted on Weibo: Killing Time on China’s Massively Overcrowded Roads | Tea Leaf Nation.

The Ka-Ching Dynasty!

It is estimated that there are close to a million millionaires in China and six hundred billionaires – and numbers are rapidly growing. ABC Australia put out an interesting documentary last year, called the “Ka-Ching Dynasty”, which offers a look into the decadent world of China´s wealthiest people. You should take your time to watch this……

China Leads World In New iOS / Android Activations

Mobile analytics firm Flurry indicates the incredible growth potential on the Chinese smartphone-market. In terms of iOS and Android activations, China has now surpassed the US-figures.

Sources: TechCrunch / Flurry

Full article: China Leads World In New iOS & Android Activations; App Sessions Up 1126% Over Last Year | TechCrunch.