Barnes & Noble to Introduce New Video Service for Nook Devices

The – quite not a surprise – digital content expansion of the bookseller will start this fall with streaming and downloads including HBO shows like “True Blood” and  movies including “The Artist”.

Backed with hundreds of millions from Microsoft, B&N´s digital division is on a rise and currently has about 25 percent of the e-book market.

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Microsoft Makes USD 300M Investment In New Barnes & Noble Subsidiary

The strategic partnership will increase fight to get an edge over Amazon and Apple in the market for e-books and their devices. The new subsidiary of B&N will include all of its Nook business and educational College business. MS´s USD 300 M investiment will exchange for around 17,6 percent equity in the company.

Full article: Microsoft Makes $300M Investment In New Barnes & Noble Subsidiary To Battle With Amazon And Apple In E-books | TechCrunch.