Mobile app sales to exceed $30 billion by the end of the year

This sales-milestone (that´s double of last year!!!) includes all ecosystems and platforms – and also in-app purchases, subscriptions and in-app advertisement in addition to traditional paid apps.

About a third of app-revenues now come form the Google Play store.

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NPD: Kids spend five days a week on mobile devices

According to NPD Group´s latest study, kids have an avverage of 12 apps on their mobile devices, out of which 6,5 are gaming apps and 88 percent of the total apps were acquired for free.

Gaming is by far the most popular on a kid´s average 5 times one-hour sessions per week.

Full story: NPD: Kids spend five days a week on mobile devices | GamesIndustry International.

Facebook Will Start Offering Paid Apps

After the success of freemium apps, the beta program starting now will let develpers charge users a flat fee – covering both, HTML5 apps and apps on This kind of app store is very different from the iTunes store, though: Recommendations are personalised and social.

FB is trying to get the number of paying users up, as only 15 million out of the company´s 850 million MAUs are paying with Credits.

Full story: Facebook Will Start Offering Paid Apps, Beta Program Is Taking Sign-Ups Now | TechCrunch.

China Leads World In New iOS / Android Activations

Mobile analytics firm Flurry indicates the incredible growth potential on the Chinese smartphone-market. In terms of iOS and Android activations, China has now surpassed the US-figures.

Sources: TechCrunch / Flurry

Full article: China Leads World In New iOS & Android Activations; App Sessions Up 1126% Over Last Year | TechCrunch.