Apple Pays Out $2 Billion To Developers In Q1 2014

Apple´s app store is still growing in impressive speed: The company announced that it paid out USD 2 billion to developers during its Q1 of fiscal year 2014 and a total of USD 10 billion in its FY 2013.

The store´s shift to apps featuring in-app purchase is still not finished, though (92% of revenues as of now) – and it continues to stay a good place for developers to earn significant money.

Full story: Apple Pays Out $2 Billion To Developers In Q1 2014 | TechCrunch.

Apple’s ‘Spaceship’ Campus Budget Reportedly Balloons To $5B

Apple has added an additional USD 2 billion to the already enormous budget of USD 3 billion for its new spaceship-style headquarter-building in Cupertino. – But with an estimated USD 140 billion cash-reserve, this ambitious project still sounds realistic.

Full story: Apple’s ‘Spaceship’ Campus Budget Reportedly Balloons To $5B, Will Look To Cut $1B Before Proceeding | TechCrunch.

Mobile app sales to exceed $30 billion by the end of the year

This sales-milestone (that´s double of last year!!!) includes all ecosystems and platforms – and also in-app purchases, subscriptions and in-app advertisement in addition to traditional paid apps.

About a third of app-revenues now come form the Google Play store.

Full story: Mobile app sales to exceed $30 billion by the end of the year.