Apple Pays Out $2 Billion To Developers In Q1 2014

Apple´s app store is still growing in impressive speed: The company announced that it paid out USD 2 billion to developers during its Q1 of fiscal year 2014 and a total of USD 10 billion in its FY 2013.

The store´s shift to apps featuring in-app purchase is still not finished, though (92% of revenues as of now) – and it continues to stay a good place for developers to earn significant money.

Full story: Apple Pays Out $2 Billion To Developers In Q1 2014 | TechCrunch.

Venmo | Our Product

Great App! “Just Venmo me.” might become synonymous for “just pay me back”, if a group of people is splitting the check of eg a taxi-ride, a restaurant-bill or similar.

The application is really understanding the need of young people and their spending habits when eg having dinner with a group: One person puts down cash or card and each one of the others is charged for her/his individual part of it — and it´s free of charge for most of the transaction-types.

Link: Venmo | Our Product.

Sex with Google Glass – Wear Glass. Have Sex.

This app in development tries to answer the question “how can we have more awesome sex with Google Glass”…… by integrating control of the lights and music (if your connected home is ready for it), content streaming as well as presenting a virtual Kama Sutra for those needing some inspiration.

—- Although the website seems a bit uninspired, too……

Link: Sex with Google Glass – Wear Glass. Have Sex..