Line planning USD 8 billion IPO for 2014

The Japanese mobile messaging company is targetting a value of USD 8 billion (!). Its mobile messaging app now collects 270 million people worldwide (48 million of which based in Japan) and has launched its game-platform in summer 2012.

Nowadays, the company is reported to make 53% of its USD 100 million quarterly revenue out of in-game purchased.

Full story: Line planning $8 billion IPO for 2014 – report | GamesIndustry International.

Clash of Clans developer Supercell sells 51% stake to SoftBank and GungHo

OH, MY GOODNESS – Finnish mobile developer Supercell has sold the majority of its shares for a company evaluation of USD 1,5 BILLION.

They just closed an investment-round worth USD 100 million back in April, so it´s definetely not for cash-flow reasons…..

Full story: Clash of Clans developer Supercell sells 51% stake to SoftBank and GungHo | GamesIndustry International.

Angry Birds Star Wars II

The popular game, launching September 19, will be exploring new ways of merchandising: Hasbro will have 30 different “telepods”, which are the physical fruitions of different characters. Users will then be able to scan those into the game using their phone´s or tablet´s camera. Additional merchandise will include toys, apparel, books and plush toys.

Angry Birds Star Wars I has hit over 100 million downloads so far.

Hasbro buys majority stake in Backflip

The toy maker buys 70% of the Colorado-based mobile game developer for USD 112 million in cash. Backflip is well known for games like DragonVale and Paper Toss and reportedly nearing USD 100 million in annual revenues (primarily from iOS products). The company´s games have been downloaded 300 million times so far.

Full story: Hasbro buys majority stake in Backflip | GamesIndustry International.

World of Warcraft opening in-game microtransaction store

Interesting move: Blizzard, who has already sold in-game items like player mounts and animal companions for subscription-based WOW (but through channels outside the game), is now introducing an in-game storefront. The new system,will be tested in Asian regions first and offer convenience-oriented easier progress through the game, such as experience boosts.

Full story: World of Warcraft opening in-game microtransaction store | GamesIndustry International.

Portable gaming to top $12 billion in 2013

A recent report from App Annie and IDC believes that 800 million portable devices used for gaming (smartphones, tablets, PS Vita, Nintendo DS and 3DS,…) have generated USD 12 billion in 2012. The number of devices by the end is predicted to jump to 1,2 billion worldwide by the end of the year. ARPU of smartphone- and tablet-users is predicted to be down slightly to USD 10.

Full story: Portable gaming to top $12 billion in 2013 | GamesIndustry International.

Oculus VR raises $16m in series A funding

Oculus VR entered the round with a funding target of USD 5,5 million – but ended with triple the amount because of the massive over-subscription. Since its debut at the E3 in 2012, the hype around the new milestone-product in VR has been steadily increasing.

Link: Oculus VR raises $16m in series A funding | GamesIndustry International.

Activisions market share climbed to almost 20% in 2012

Activision is now number 1 publisher worldwide with a market-share of 19,5%. Next are EA (18,4%), Ubisoft (11,2%), Nintendo (10,8%) and Take-Two (6,4%).

Top Games 2012 (cumulated worldwide sales on consoles and PC): 1. Call of Duty, 2. Mario, 3. FIFA, 4. Wii Fit, 5. Assassin´s Creed, 6. Guitar Hero, 7. Halo.

Full story: Activisions market share climbed to almost 20% in 2012 | GamesIndustry International.