Only 2.2% of free-to-play users ever pay

Swrve has been tracking the habits of newly entering F2P-players throughout 90 days: 2,2 percent of the new players ever spent money and half of that money coame form just 10 percent of that group (0,22 percent of the newly entered players).

Another interesting fact: Two-thirds quit playing within a day after download.

Short summary: Only 2.2% of free-to-play users ever pay – Report | GamesIndustry International.

Mojang made a $129 million profit in 2013

The Minecraft developer more than doubled profits and revenues are up 38 percent to USD 316 million — which is an impressive EBIT-rate…. The five-year-old game is still on the rise, which is quite unusual. Sales of PC-version, Console-version and mobile version are nearly equally a third of revenues each.

Also interesting: The IP belongs to co-founder Markus Persson, who got license payments of USD 130 miliion last year alone.

Link: Mojang made a $129 million profit in 2013 | GamesIndustry International.

15% of mobile gamers make up 50% of in-app revenue

About 1,5 percent of all active mobile users purchase anthing. Of those, 49 percent made only a single purchase. Average in-app purchase is USD 5,94.

So, the industry´s actual revenues are more or less based on a still very small figure of active purchasers – there is much space for future development.

Full story: .15% of mobile gamers make up 50% of in-app revenue – Survey | GamesIndustry International.

Update: FishLabs buyer is Koch Media

Fishlabs was having some hard times, laying off 25 people in October when it filed for the equivalent of bankruptcy. The search for a major investment now ended in a full scale change of ownership – Koch Media. All present 52 staff will become part of Koch´s Hamburg office.

Full story: Update: FishLabs buyer is Koch Media | GamesIndustry International.

iOS cost per install to exceed $7 over holidays

iOS cost per install to exceed  over holidays | GamesIndustry International

(source: Superdata)

For 2013, the US mobile game market is expected to increase 25 percent to USD 3 billion – according to Superdata. Average revenues per users have remained quite flat since the beginning of the year (about USD 22,per month per paying user – with a conversion-rate of 4,68 percent and an average CPA of USD 2,25). Superdate projecta iOS CPAs will be in the USD 7 to 8 range in December – and calls it a “user acquisition bloodbath”.

Full story @ GamesIndustry: iOS cost per install to exceed $7 over holidays | GamesIndustry International.