Tencent sees 58% rise in profits YoY

The Chinese gaming giant is now the fourth-largest internet company in the world (!) with a reported USD 3,2 billion quarterly revenue and USD 957 million quarterly profit (!!). Tencent also holds 40 per cent share of Epic Games and acquired Riot Games  (“League of Legends”) in 2011.

Full story: Tencent sees 58% rise in profits YoY | GamesIndustry.biz.

140 jobs lost in ProSieben’s Aeria Games Europe takeover

Seems like not even 20 people from ProSiebenSat.1 Games made the transition from Munich to the new “SevenGames” headquarter in Berlin……

The company now claims being the third largest publisher in Europe with a total community of 77 million people.

Full story: 140 jobs lost in ProSieben’s Aeria Games Europe takeover | GamesIndustry International.

Angry Birds-Maker Rovio Has A Slower Year With Revenues Flat

Rovio has slowed down growth with revenues rising from USD 210 million (2012) to USD 216 million (2013). Net profits fell dramatically to USD 37 million, as the company´s headcount has increased to a total of 800 by the end of 2013. — In 2012, it was 500 employees.

Full story: Angry Birds-Maker Rovio Has A Slower Year With Revenues Flat, Profits Down By About Half | TechCrunch.

Free-to-play a $470 million market in Brazil

Consoles still are prohibitively expensive in Brazil – so Free-to-Play has gained significant market share in Gaming with 17 million players between 13 and 65 (and still growing quickly).

For the full year research firm Interpret puts the market at an estimated USD 470 million, mostly coming from in-game purchases.

Full story: Free-to-play a $470 million market in Brazil – Report | GamesIndustry International.

Only 2.2% of free-to-play users ever pay

Swrve has been tracking the habits of newly entering F2P-players throughout 90 days: 2,2 percent of the new players ever spent money and half of that money coame form just 10 percent of that group (0,22 percent of the newly entered players).

Another interesting fact: Two-thirds quit playing within a day after download.

Short summary: Only 2.2% of free-to-play users ever pay – Report | GamesIndustry International.